In Government job typing exams, typing is done from a paper to the computer whereas all the typing software teach typing from computer screen to the computer. That is why many aspirants do not use any typing software instead they use some text/word processing software. They feel more comfortable with the text/word processing software but counting the words and managing timer make the process problematic. In such situation, aspirants use some kind of stopwatch, in fact, many aspirants type in the text processing software and then copy the typed content to the word processing software to count the words. Later, they calculate the typing speed manually using appropriate standards. The process becomes complex, time consuming and lengthy.

Such problems motivated us to create the TypingBox.

Some important features of the typing box are as follows:-

  • Comfortable timer settings
  • No need to count words manually
  • Know your typing speed according to exam based on keystrokes and word count
  • Know all your typing mistakes so that you could improve in the future

So grab a newspaper or some other content and start typing now

Choose the timer that fits your needs and get yourself started:-

OR set custom time (in minutes)

OR choose from default list

Estimated keystrokes per hour:
Speed (WPM)
Time taken: