About us

Abhigamya.com – Govt jobs made accessible


The name:-

Abhigamya (अभिगम्य) is a Hindi word which means accessible which reflects our motto. Making Govt jobs accessible for the needy. 


who are we?

Abhigamya.com is the one-stop destination for all your needs regarding Govt jobs. We cover (or planning to cover) every step needed to get covered to get a Govt job. We cover Typing, Exam tours (selection procedure or Exam scheme), all important dates, fastest and latest updates, Syllabus and almost everything one can think about which may be required during "the Journey". 


how are we different than other?

We cover all aspects of every Govt recruitment exam. Like:- we cover Typing learning which can benefit up to 30 lac SSC CHSL candidates. We update our website regularly unlike others. We have a dedicated facebook page which is updated as soon as a news is published by a Govt department.


The people:-

Just a bunch of ex-Computer Science students (including one drop out) who are paranoid about making Education more better and accessible than it is today.







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